Love Boba? So do we!

Boba tea may have started in Taiwan, but it has finally made its way to Durango!! The Smiley Cafe offers boba tea (sometimes known as bubble tea) every day!! Looking for a refreshing Thai Tea with Boba? We’ve got you covered. Want something more exotic, we likely have that as well – lavender, Jasmine green tea, and Brown Sugar (Cassia) tea are just a few of our rotating options.

Feeling adventurous? Add boba to another drink – our in-house favorite is boba pearls in an iced Bhakti chai – mmm-hmm.

You always have a choice of milk – we have lots of plant-based options for you to choose from – almond, coconut, and oat are always in the case!

Whether you’ve never tried boba, or you’re an old hand, stop in at The Smiley Cafe and get some today!


Your choice of a boba, a tea, a flavor, and a milk.

Black Pearl Tapioca
Rainbow Tapioca
Popping Honey
Popping Lychee

The Basics

Taro Tea, $4
Thai Tea, $4
Royal Brown Sugar Milk Tea, $4
Green Tea, $4
Lavender Butterfly, $5
Chai Boba, $5 – sweet or unsweetened (decaf available)

Almond/Oat Milk + $.75
Extra Shots and Flavors + $.75
Make It Bubbly + $.25

Our specialty bobas - $5.50

Adrenaline Falls

Thai Tea, with an espresso shot, over Black Boba, topped with half-and-half.


House-made Chai, espresso shot, over Black Boba.

Durango Tango

Royal Brown Sugar Tea, espresso shot, over Black Boba.

Columbine Cooler

Green Tea, Lavender flavor, over Honey Popping Boba.

Yoga Boba

Half Green Tea, Half Butterfly, Lemon/Lavender flavor, over Rainbow Boba.

Lime Creek

Lemon Zinger Tea, Lime flavor, over Lychee Popping Boba.

Brown Bear

Choc. Milk, caramel flavor, over Honey Popping Boba, topped with whipped cream.

The Engineer

Iced Coffee over Black Pearl Boba.

Monarch Pass

Butterfly Tea, Lavender and Lemon Syrup, over Strawberry Popping Boba.

Natcha Mamma’s Matcha

Matcha Tea, Honey and Blackberry Syrup, over Rainbow Boba,  topped with oat milk.

Desert Breeze

Green Tea and Lemon Zinger Tea over Honey Popping Boba.

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1309 East 3rd Avenue
Durango, CO 81301

Monday — Friday | 7 AM – 6 PM
Sat & Sun | 8 AM – 4 PM

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